Enrola And iPEGS New Partnership For The Education Sector

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iPEGS is pleased to announce a new and strategic partnership with Enrola - a web-based CRM, learner recruitment, and application tracking solution that is an easy-to-use and cost-effective content management solution aimed at the education market. From posting courses and apprenticeship opportunities across multiple job boards to receiving and managing applications, Enrola makes every step

5 benefits of making Incident Report Forms electronic

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Schools, colleges and training providers need to be sure that they satisfy all legal reporting requirements for both employees and their students and take appropriate measures to monitor Incidents.  These include any accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences that take place whilst students or pupils are within your care. The law requires that certain work-related accidents are

How Dental Practices Can Go Paperless

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A trip to the dentist is something that cannot be avoided. Dental practices see vast amounts of patients each day resulting in printing huge amounts of paper based documents for patients to complete, sign and to then be manually inputted into their system. For some practices, once this form has been completed it is then

The Power of Paperless for Fitness Industry Professionals

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The fitness industry is a rewarding, fast paced and competitive market. The 2019 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that the UK health and fitness industry is strongly continuing to grow. It has more clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before.  This means that there is more of a

Steps Towards A Paperless Existence

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Going paperless is a terrifying thought. We are all wedded to a culture of printing, reading and chucking, or, maybe recycling. But not only does being wasteful with paper make our green side feel guilty; once the costs of paper, printing and (for big business) recycling are counted, the economic and environmental impacts are staggering.

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