iPEGS Partnership Network

The iPEGS Partnership Network is a selection of strategic partners and resellers with the aim of growing the iPEGS Paperless Community.

As part of the iPEGS Global Strategy we are always looking for quality partners and resellers from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, India, Middle East, Far East and South America.

Want to become an iPEGS Strategic Partner or Reseller?


For 2019 we are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Pro2Stride who will be the iPEGS Premier Partner for Southern Europe and North Africa. With a multilingual team of experienced professionals we look forward to growing iPEGS in these new regions.


EUROPE: Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland AFRICA: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia


Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian


pro2stride@ipegs.co.uk +216 24 40 98 40

“Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. This means corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another.”

Simon Mainwaring