iPEGS LTD Refunds & Cancellations Policy

We provide a free trial of our “iPEGS” software services, to let you fully evaluate them before you make the decision to purchase the full version. Please use the trial to ensure our product meets your needs before purchasing a subscription or form credits. Our support team (support@ipegs.co.uk) is available to answer all your questions about iPEGS and our products. Please test the product’s features and functionalities, and coordinate with our support team to clarify your doubts before making a final purchase.

Trial and Decision to Purchase Full Version

The trial of iPEGS that we offer should be considered a “free look period”. During this time, we encourage you to use iPEGS, test it, and decide if you would like to purchase the full version. After the trial is up, you will no longer be able to use iPEGS’s trial version.

Purchase, Cancellations and Refunds

Once you purchase the full version of iPEGS, your license to use it will be activated after your payment has cleared. Once the license is activated, no cancellations will be possible, and no refunds will be given, except in the rarest cases (see below). We have this policy in place, since it would be impossible for you to return your registered version of iPEGS.

Refunds in Rare Cases

In rare instances and only within 15 days of your purchase of iPEGS, if due to technical difficulties, platform incompatibilities or other unforeseen circumstances, iPEGS does not function in/for your organisation, we may issue a full or partial refund. However, such decisions will be at our discretion only, and we have every right to refuse such requests.

If we do consider providing you a refund, we require that you provide all the necessary information for us to positively identify your purchase transaction (e.g., order number, your company name, date of transaction, purchase code, number of credits purchased, etc.), as well as reasons for asking for a refund. We will verify these reasons by asking you further questions, or by trying to simulate the issues on our systems/networks, before making a final decision to provide a refund partially or in full.

Refund Communications

If we agree that your request for a refund is reasonable, and if your request is made within 15 days of purchase, we will require you to send us an email from your official company email address, or a letter printed on your company letterhead confirming that you are no longer using iPEGS, and will no longer use iPEGS in future.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all refund-related communication from your company reaches us within 15 days of purchase. iPEGS will not be responsible for any lost, delayed, or misdirected mail or email, or other communication system delays that prevent us from receiving your communication, and therefore prevent us from processing your refund request.

Refund Timeline

If your refund request is approved, it will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 14 days from the date of approval of your request. We will make every effort to ensure that we meet this timeline. However, there may be unforeseen delays, which we will keep you apprised of. We cannot be held legally or financially liable for such delays.

Delayed Refunds

If you have not received your refund after 14 days from the date of approval of your request, we will ask you to check your account again. Once you confirm that you have still not received your refund, we will investigate the issue from our side. However, there is often some processing time involved before a refund can reflect in your account, so we solicit your patience and understanding if there are further delays.

If you have any queries about the status of your refund, please contact us at support@ipegs.co.uk

Acceptance of this Refund Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order for iPEGS free trial or full version, you acknowledge that you have read this refund policy, and that you fully agree with and accept the terms laid out in this refund policy.

If you do not fully agree with or accept the terms laid out in this refund policy, please do not place an order with us.

Please contact support@ipegs.co.uk if you have any questions about this refund policy or about iPEGS Ltd in general.