Top Tips For Starting a Chemical Peel Business

Top Tips For Starting a Dermaplaning Business

Have you been playing with the idea of setting up your own chemical peel business? If you’ve been considering bringing your skills as a beautician to the table and going out on your own, you may well choose to start a business offering chemical peels to those looking for better skin care options.

As more people than ever are looking away from surgery to beautify themselves, the market for clinics offering chemical peels is improving and it’s a lucrative place to position yourself as an aesthetician. As with every other job, you need to be able to build a list of paying clients who are happy for you to perform the treatments that they need for the best long-term results.

You can be as passionate as you like about skincare and offering chemical peels, but if you aren’t qualified or interested in building a great brand, you may struggle to build up a new business. You need to be aware of your qualification requirements as much as where you can market your business properly.

More important than anything else, you need to remember that you are dealing with people, which means that having the correct insurance in place as well as a Chemical Peel Consent Form and Chemical Peel Consultation Form is essential.

Taking the time to learn how to start a chemical peel business will of course be a big challenge so to help you get started we have created some top tips to consider.

The Right Qualifications

You’re going to be dealing with the skin of other people, which means that your business is going to be a delicate one. The qualifications that you need will surround chemical peels and other aesthetics, and you have to be confident that you can adequately perform the procedures in front of you. If you don’t ensure that you can do the procedures, you don’t have a business at all. While your business focuses on chemical peels, it doesn’t have to be all that you offer! If you have skills within other areas of skin aesthetics, you could branch out and offer these, too.

Get Some Advice

A business is required to be officially registered, but the best thing that you can do in this case is get some great advice from either someone who has been in the field for some time, or a good accountant who can tell you which way to register your business. Once you’ve covered the legal side and insurance, you can move onto the practical side of the business. Are you planning to be in a clinic or offer your services on a mobile basis? You need to know how to get your business registered and official with the right insurance companies so that you can offer more to your clients and know that you are covered in case anything goes wrong.

Get prepped

You don’t need to have a business degree to be able to set up your own business, not when there are so many resources out there that can help you. Register your business, buy your insurance, get your Forms in place including your Chemical Peel Aftercare Form and you then need to build your relationship with suppliers. These are going to help you with equipment, furniture and stock up on everything that you need.

Creating a basic business plan and financial forecast will help to ensure that your business is both profitable and productive while you avoid losing cash.

Coming up with a company/brand name and then designing a logo is also important as this will then drive your website and social media look and feel.

Start promoting

You need to learn how to get your new brand name out there so that people will see and get to know you and what you offier. Consider the marketing materials you plan to use, from the printed flyers and business cards to the website, online blog and social media sites you plan to have. There are plenty of ‘How To’ guides on YouTube that can help guide you through everything to do with promoting your new business and they are all free!

Social media is huge right now, and you need to be on it to be able to get information about your new chemical peel business out into the world. Take the time to promote and publicise yourself, from car wraps for a mobile business to business cards and flyers printed. Publicise yourself online and with a blog, and make sure that you have your website setup and ready to go, too.

Get reviews and feedback

Lastly, you want to ensure that you are growing your reputation so that people will learn about you. The better your reputation, the more solid your new chemical peel business will be. Not only will people bring their friends to your service, the testimonials and reviews that you gather will impress customers from further afield.

Ask customers to leave you feedback on your Facebook page or Google Local Business listing. If you don’t ask you won’t get and if your customers are happy they won’t mind spending a few minutes writing your a positive review.

So those are our top tips when thinking about setting up a Chemical Peel Business – there is obviously lots of other things to consider but you have to start somewhere 🙂