Top Tips For Starting a Body Contouring Business

Top Tips For Starting a Body Contouring Business

Have you ever considered running your own body contouring business? It’s important to make sure that any business arena that you invest in has high success rates, and body contouring does. You may have a keen interest in beauty and helping people to be their best selves, and if you have come across a lot of people who are dealing with stubborn body fat and you want to help, you could bring happiness into their lives and turn your body contouring skills into a clinic of your very own.

Body contouring – as you know – is used to reshape and improve the body’s appearance. It can be invasive, with liposuction and body lifts, but there are also non-invasive options that include CoolSculpting through heating and cooling that uses energy-based devices. These are known to be effective treatments and they are also known to deliver safe outcomes – which is why these have turned into a lucrative business.

There is a two-way process for starting your own body contouring business, and depending on your location, you may have to have a medical or a cosmetology license to practice. You may also need other business licensing and it’s important to check with your local government to know for sure.


Your business is going to be centred on microdermabrasion which means that you need to be qualified to offer this service. It would also help to have an idea of how many people you may want to hire who are also qualified in microdermabrasion. If you don’t plan to hire more people, do you know whether you have the skills to offer something else alongside this service? If you have qualifications in other beauty treatments, you could use these to eventually diversify.

Licensing & Location

Depending on where you are based, you may need to have a license to practice microdermabrasion. Ensuring that you get this sorted after you have your qualifications will help you to get up and running. The proper licensing, insurance and registration are a must, as well as having a credible business environment to work from. If you have a place in which to work, the right technology and equipment and the best marketing techniques out there, you’re going to be able to give other people what they need.


Businesses must be officially registered and once you choose your brand name and decide your business structure, you can get started with your business plan and financial forecasting. If you are unsure about registering your business speak to a local accountant or someone you know who is already in business.


Your business will need professional indemnity insurance and extensive public liability insurance. This needs to be in place before you get started and open the doors. You could have all the safety checks in the world but if you don’t have the right insurance, you’re going to put yourself at risk of litigation.


You may be opening a body contouring business, but have you considered adding extra services that you’re trained in? There are plenty of options out there for body contouring but if you only want to offer the non-invasive treatments to start with, you can still offer the more invasive treatments later on as you grow your business and your reputation.


Providing a treatment such as Body Contouring requires you to get the medical history and consent from your clients. To do this you will need a Body Contouring Consent Form and a Body Contouring Consultation Form. You can purchase these forms as PDFs or a more efficient way to do this is to use an Online Form solution that makes it easy for your clients to complete on their own device and stores all your forms in the cloud.


Once you have made these big decisions about your business, you need to get your brand out there. You want your business to be a credible one and for this to happen, you have to consider that there are other essentials, like marketing. You have to get online and perfect your website, start a blog and set up your social media channels. There is plenty of advice and ‘How To’ videos on all of the different marketing methods on YouTube – and they are free for you to watch!


Your business needs cash flowing through it to keep it moving. How do you plan to finance your Body Contouring business? This is a question that you should be able to answer in your business plan as you will need to pay rent, buy supplies and furniture.

So those are our top tips when thinking about setting up a Body Contouring Business – there is obviously lots of other things to consider but you have to start somewhere 🙂