Crafting the Perfect Piercing Consent Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Crafting the Perfect Piercing Consent Form: A Step-by-Step Guide In the world of beauty and aesthetics, safety should always come first. When it comes to body piercing, ensuring that your clients are fully informed and consenting to the procedure is paramount. This is where a well-structured and comprehensive piercing consent form becomes crucial.

The Ultimate Guide to Microblading Consent Forms: What Every Technician Needs to Know

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The Ultimate Guide to Microblading Consent Forms: What Every Technician Needs to Know As a beauty industry professional, understanding the nuances of microblading consent forms is crucial for ensuring both client safety and business compliance. This comprehensive guide will explore everything technicians need to know about microblading consent forms, helping you to navigate this

3 Ways Beauty Salons Can Easily Gather and Store Sensitive Data

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With legislation regarding client information tightening due to GDPR, as well as the need for beauticians to obtain the necessary client consent before carrying out treatments, many beauty salons are looking at more efficient and cost effective ways to gather and store data.  Thanks to electronic consent forms, beauty salons are able to safely and

Patient Consent Forms for Aesthetic Procedures – 3 Reasons Why the Industry is Going Electronic

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Most aesthetic practitioners, clinicians and surgeons understand the importance of taking proper and detailed informed consent before undertaking any aesthetic treatment. With medical litigation laws tightening in the UK around aesthetic procedures and indemnity costs rising each year, skin clinics, beauticians and cosmetic surgeons are looking at ways to protect themselves even further when carrying

Time for Hypnotherapy Consultation Forms to Go Paperless?

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Paper Hypnotherapy Consultation Forms - are they obsolete?  When was the last time you made a call from a phone box? Is it months or years? I can remember my first mobile phone. It was the size of a brick and with the battery, it weighed more than one. I loved that phone, now my

Going Paperless in Further Education and Apprenticeships

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Over the last 10 years we have seen significant change within the Apprenticeships sector in the UK. With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeship Standards, there has been a huge shift in how colleges and training providers operate and deliver. There has also been lots of innovation over the last decade with a

A smarter way to record data for field based Maintenance teams

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Service & maintenance engineers have a hands on job which also requires a lot of form filling, data capture, recording evidence and signing of forms. These forms are vitally important for the business to be able to efficiently report or act on the maintenance or service work undertaken. Once work has been carried out this

Electronic signatures….. the lowdown

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Electronic signatures are constantly being utilised and respected by users across the globe including businesses, academic and government institutes. Gone are the days of hesitation regarding the security of signatures where now electronic signatures are already legally preferred worldwide. Below are some interesting stats positively enforcing the use of electronic signatures: From the 1st July 2016

Benefits of a paperless system for training providers

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The need to go paperless for many training companies is increasing. However, converting from a paper based system to paperless can be a little daunting. At iPEGS we believe that change is positive and the benefits of using the iPEGS app provides training providers a long term cost saving solution. The innovative iPEGS app enables you

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