Tattoo Client Consent Form Template

It’s not uncommon for people with tattoos to have a change of heart about their body art at some time in their lives.

Thanks to laser tattoo removal, tattoos and permanent make-up need not be forever. By using a wavelength of laser light specifically for the pigment colour, the unwanted pigment can be removed with fantastic results.

Laser tattoo removal consent forms

If your clinic or salon is considering offering this popular procedure, laser tattoo removal consent forms are a vital way to inform patients about the potential risks that can occur before beginning any type of treatment. Electronic forms are by far the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Why use electronic consent forms?

Instead of using fiddly paper forms to get informed consent from your patient that take time and effort to print and then file, an electronic form is easy to access from any device, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Paper consent forms can also make you vulnerable to litigation. All too often they can be handed in incomplete, whereas electronic laser tattoo removal forms enable mandatory fields that ensure critical data is collected and stored.

A safer way to gain patient consent

Paper consent forms can easily get lost, damaged or stolen. Electronic laser tattoo removal consent forms, on the other hand, provide total peace of mind. You can rest assured that all your client sensitive client information is accurate, complete and stored securely.

GDPR Compliant

Electronic laser tattoo removal consent forms also allow you to stay compliant with GDPR, giving your clients peace of mind that their data is stored securely and will not be shared by third parties without their permission.

Better client experience

Whatever the reason for your client wanting to have their tattoo removed, you can be sure they will want peace of mind that they have come to the right specialist.

So, give your patient the right first impression. Hand them an iPad or tablet instead of an old-fashioned paper form. Your electronic form will be completed faster, is far more efficient to manage, and can be branded with your company logo.

With so many advantages, electronic forms are a laser sharp solution for salons and mobile beauty therapists.

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