The iPEGS development team have been hard at work improving our products with new features and functions which we are pleased to announce for Summer 2020:

iPEGS Remote New Features

1. Mandatory Field Highlight (Yellow)
After feedback from our customers we have now given you the option to change the Highlight Colour for mandatory fields to match your branding or you can completely turn it off.

2. Update-able Forms (Treatment Plans)
We have now created a new update-able web form type – this will allow you to add to an already submitted form and edit on an ongoing basis, ideal for Treatment Plans/Records etc.

3. Email Delivery
We had started to notice an increase in emails getting filtered into SPAM/Junk folders so we have now changed the ‘From’ email address to by default – this should significantly reduce emails failing to be delivered successfully.

4. Submitted Forms Search
We have now improved the Search function in Submitted forms to search in all folders and sub folders. We have also added the option to choose a date range to search for.

5. Auto Populate TPA Fields
For those of you utilising Third Party Approval fields – you can now automatically populate the TPA name and email from other fields on the form which will then hide the TPA field creating a more seamless user experience.

6. Form Count
We have added a Form Count in Submitted Form Folders so you can see how many forms are pending and complete within each folder.

7. Calendar Date Fields
You can now select the Year from a drop down in the Calendar field type making it much easier to select a year in the past i.e. year of birth.

8. Radio Button Spacing
We have reduced the spacing between Radio buttons – this is useful if you want to use radio buttons for a scale of say 1-10 on one line.

9. Picklist Value Orders
You can now sort your Pick-list values in Alphabetical Order within the field setting.

10. Multiple Drag and Drop
You can now select multiple fields in the Form Builder and drag and drop them all together.

11. Field Settings
We have improved the layout of the field settings and grouped each setting into a sub menu.

If you have any questions in relation to the new features please contact: