With one just session, being able to tighten and lift the skin, improve skin-tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with results that can last up to 3 years, it’s no surprise that HIFU treatment is fast becoming one of the most popular non-invasive lifting treatments for the face, neck and body. However, despite this treatment being non-invasive, it still requires client consent prior to treatment being carried out.

HIFU consent forms

If you are an aesthetic practitioner or beauty salon that currently offers, or is considering offering HIFU treatment, you may want to personalise your client consent forms and give yourself the flexibility to add new form fields as the treatment advances. With paper consent forms, your salon or clinic is unlikely to have the time or resources to be updating and then printing HIFU treatment consent forms, so they turn to a solution like IPEGS electronic consent forms to save considerable time and effort. 

Electronic HIFU consent forms

Electronic HIFU consent forms ensure that the information is always clear, legible and up to date without any of the risks associated with paper consent forms, such as misplacing, damaging or losing the information. 

Personalised electronic HIFU consent forms

Among the many benefits of electronic forms, including a faster and slicker client consultation, is the ability to personalise the form to suit your salon or clinic’s brand and colour scheme.  You also have the flexibility to make immediate changes to the form; such as adding more questions that may arise as HIFU treatment advances. 

Electronic HIFU consent forms enables consistency and accuracy of information that can be safely stored against your client files, with readily accessible evidence should it ever be required.  And for the client, you are providing all the relevant risks and benefits of HIFU treatment in a clearly laid out and professional format.  

Electronic Patient declaration

IPEGS electronic consent forms allow you to obtain full patient declaration that is legally necessary. 

The electronic form will include that: 

  • The patient has read and understood all the information provided and has been given the opportunity to ask questions about HIFU treatment and the potential risks.
  • The patient understands that HIFU treatment results will be seen gradually over a period of 3 to 6 months and that some patients respond better to treatment than others.
  • The patient understands the procedure is non-invasive and not designed to produce the same results as surgery.

If you would like to switch from paper to electronic consent forms for HIFU treatment and indeed, any other treatment that your salon offers, we are offering you the chance to try 5 electronic forms for FREE. Simply create an account and see how easy it is to switch to electronic consent forms.