If you are an aesthetic practitioner, clinician or surgeon performing chemical peel treatments in the UK, you will understand the importance of keeping your client information up to date. 

While the UK beauty treatment industry has experienced massive growth over recent years, so has the number of beauty treatment claims relating to negligence. Now more than ever, you must take every step to protect yourself.  

Simple and safe

Electronic chemical peel consent forms are a smart, efficient way to collect and update client data, while protecting practitioners. 

Handwritten paper forms can be incomplete, illegible and can easily get lost, damaged or stolen, leaving you vulnerable to litigation. Electronic consent forms on the other hand provide total peace of mind that the collected information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, with clear consent. It can also be stored safely and securely while being easy to access. 

GDPR Compliant

Electronic chemical peel consent forms also allow practitioners to stay compliant and up-to-date with GDPR, allowing you to quickly and efficiently update the latest GDPR consent requests when switching to electronic forms. 

Enhanced Experience

Electronic consent forms can be completed and updated on an iPad or tablet, providing a slicker, more cutting-edge experience, while speeding up the consultation process.  The electronic form can also be used for a wide range of treatments, making them even more efficient and effective. Clients can also experience extra peace of mind knowing that their details are not being left behind on a piece of paper that could be lost or stolen.

Time and space saving

Electronic consent forms allow you to focus on treatments rather than filling out and constantly having to update paperwork, while a paperless environment frees up your space and is kinder to the environment. 

With so many clear benefits, there is no easier way to keep your client information up to date than to go electronic.

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