Top Tips For Starting a Spray Tan Business

Top Tips For Starting a Spray Tan Business

You might think that getting into the spray tan business is a lot of effort – and that’s partly true. But it’s also one of the biggest growth sectors in the health and beauty segment at the moment, and everyone wants to be a part of it.

For entrepreneurs, this is a real opportunity. Not only is demand sky-high, but the barriers to entry are reasonable.

Check out our tips for getting into the industry below:

Create A Production Line

Spray tanning is a ridiculously profitable business once you know how to approach it. Businesses in the sector can charge around $30 to $50 a session and fit more than three clients per hour. Experienced professionals can often complete a full-body spray tan in less than eight minutes.

The trick here is to create a production line. You want to pass people through your operation on a strict schedule, moving them seamlessly from room to room. First, you prepare your clients, and then, when the spray tanning room is ready, move them through. Afterward, you take them to a dressing room where they can dry off and get back into their robes. Adopting a process like this allows you to see more people throughout the day while maintaining the utmost privacy.

Digitize Your Operation

You can also save time by digitizing your operations so that you spend less time filling out forms. An online spray tan consent form or spray tan consultation form allow you to get your client’s permission ahead of their appointments, saving time once they arrive.

Choose Quality Over Price

When it comes to spray tanning equipment, there are plenty of budget-oriented options out there. But should you use them?

Arguably, you shouldn’t. It turns out that a lot of cheaper spray tan products contain synthetic ingredients that research links to cancer. Many inexpensive options can also stain clothes.

Don’t Use Fragranced Products

Furthermore, try to avoid using fragranced products. Manufacturers use alcohol to convey the perfume which can dry out your clients’ skin and leave them feeling uncomfortable – not what you want them to feel after visiting your shop.

Choose Branding That Speaks To Your Niche

Part of the challenge of setting up a spray tan business is finding what you do that’s a little bit different from everyone else.

For instance, there is a big market out there for “rapid spray tans” – people who want that beach-fresh look immediately. Changing your branding to emphasize this can help you tap into that market.

You can also center your niche around the type of effect you want to create. For instance, many tanning parlors currently emphasize their ability to give clients “a natural-looking glow.”

Make Your Spray Tanning Business Mobile

Finally, making your spray tanning business mobile instead of fixed gives you flexibility from the start. You can avoid renting an expensive space in the middle of the city and go to your clients directly – something that will help you add even more value.

So those are our top tips when thinking about setting up a Spray Tan Business – there is obviously lots of other things to consider but you have to start somewhere 🙂