Top Tips For Starting a Massage Business

Top Tips For Starting a Massage Business

People require relaxation techniques today more than they ever did in the past. Thanks to smartphones, social media, the pandemic, and politics, we’re living in an environment that’s fundamentally detrimental to our wellbeing.

Many consumers, therefore, are looking for entrepreneurs like you to use massage to take some of the physical tension out of their bodies. Masseurs provide their clients with a variety of services to ease muscle pain, reduce tension, enhance circulation, improve joint mobility, and boost mental alertness.

Starting a massage business, however, requires knowledge. Here are our top tips:

Ensure You Have The Right Qualifications

In many cases, you don’t legally require qualifications to practice as a masseuse. However, it makes sense to do so because of the benefits that it provides.

For instance, getting qualified will:

  • Allow you to advertise your services as a trained professional
  • Attract more customers and charge a higher rate
  • Allow you to transition to working for another company in the future (if your career plans change)
  • Let you discover the correct massage techniques
  • Allow you to better diagnose the health issues your clients face
  • Let you run a more hygienic business

Write Down A Business Plan

Business plans don’t need to be long documents where you cover every eventuality. Instead, they just need to be something you can refer to from time to time to ensure that you’re on the straight and narrow.

You’ll want to include things like how you’re going to fund your business, projects, marketing channels, and key metrics you’ll use to judge your success.

Select Your Location

Unfortunately, you can’t set up an online massage business. You need in-person premises for it to work.

When looking for a location, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Whether it is close to parking lots
  • Whether it is in an area with enough people to support the business
  • How close it is to your rivals
  • Whether local authorities will allow this business type in their area
  • How much foot traffic you’re likely to get
  • The opening times of any surrounding businesses
  • The demographics of local residents, such as their age, income levels, and gender

Once you have this information, you can then start the process of scouting for the best location.

Digitize Your Enterprise

Before you carry out any message, you’ll need to get clients to sign a massage consent form and complete a massage consultation form. Doing this using traditional paper-based methods is a hassle and can slow you down. But digitizing the process completely changes your workflow.

For instance, did you know that there are now online systems that let you manage all your documents, including signatures, in the cloud? Think about how much time (not to mention hassle) you could save if you simply adopted this method.

Connect With Local Businesses

You’ll want to connect with local companies when setting up a massage business and build partnerships with them. Firms in your area will be on the lookout for practices like yours that can improve the well-being of their employees. Employee incentive programs can provide you with a slew of customers from the get-go.

Market Your Business On Social Media

Getting people to flock to your new business can be difficult. There might be thousands of people who want your services. But unless you can communicate with them, they won’t know you exist.

Marketing your business on social media is probably the best way to let people know about what you’re doing. You probably already have friends on the platform – so you can start with them. And then you can leverage your contacts to recommend your services and forward their connections to you.

Remember to use lots of photos when marketing on social media. Show off the kind of work you’ve done for your clients in the past so people know what to expect. Share your work on other sites, like Instagram, to tap into a wider audience.

Gain Reviews

Lastly, try gaining reviews for your massage business. Google and other search engines take review scores and numbers seriously when deciding where you should rank in page results. The more reviews you have, the more visible you’ll be.

So those are our top tips when thinking about setting up a Massage Business – there is obviously lots of other things to consider but you have to start somewhere 🙂