Managing Clients Data for Therapists

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HOW DO I AS A THERAPIST PERMANENTLY REMOVE CLIENT’S DATA FROM MY OLD DEVICES? As a Therapist you store sensitive client information on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even smart phone. One of the key moments where data becomes vulnerable is when you dispose of old IT equipment.  You cannot just copy and then

Dr Eric Toni – Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine – Paperless Case Study

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Challenges that Dr Eric Toni experienced prior to using iPEGS: Lots of paperwork to manage Printed forms are costly to produce, and redundant if changes are required  20% of appointments took place at third party premises and transporting paperwork was a hassle Benefits of using iPEGS: Forms immediately get pinged back to us upon completion

Professional Eyes Studio – Paperless Case Study

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Challenges that Professional Eye Studio faced using paper based forms: The repetitive nature of handling endless paperwork – clients had to fill in different forms for different treatments. Staying compliant with the new GDPR regulations. We needed a solution that was designed for a small business like ours that could help reduce paperwork and improve

Simple and cost effective digital data capture

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Are you looking to up your marketing tactics, increase sales and secure repeat business? The iPEGS app allows you to capture simple valuable data which can be used for future gain. Capturing contact information such as name & email address details is all you need to market to your customers prompting them to react to

Digitally capture leads at events, using the iPEGS app

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Trade shows and exhibitions are a perfect environment to demonstrate and sell your product or service to a targeted audience. It is important that the opportunities that arise on this day from leads or connections are utilised positively. The iPEGS app is perfect for capturing data at events, providing you with a digital solution for your

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