Managing and running a spa involves far more than just booking appointments and managing staff, you also need to ensure you are obtaining full client consent before carrying out certain treatments. With so many client records for spas to manage, it can be challenging to store and gain easy access to client data, especially if your spa is still using paper consent forms.  

Thanks to iPEGS’ electronic form solution, there’s now a much easier way of obtaining, storing and accessing client records.  This article looks at three important reasons why there is no better way to finally do away with time-consuming paper consent forms and switch to using electronic consent forms. 

  1. Paperless protects you

Paperless consent forms enable you to say goodbye to incomplete, lost, misplaced, illegible and damaged consent forms forever! The fields can be set to Optional, Warning or Mandatory, so your client must complete the vital bits before the treatment can take place. This protects you from any possible legal proceedings resulting from treatments.

Spa hotel beauty consent forms also allow you to stay compliant and up-to-date with the latest GDPR requirements, enabling you to quickly and efficiently update the latest GDPR consent requests when switching to electronic forms. 

  • An impressive first impression

Handing a tablet or iPad to your client looks far more professional than a clip board and pen, enhancing the customer experience when they visit your spa. You can quickly and easily keep electronic consent forms neat, on-brand, relevant and up to date and even include before and after pictures. 

Another great feature is that you can send the consent form to your client in advance of their appointment, saving time and ensuring an even better first impression and client experience.  This is ideal if you ever have a large group visiting your spa at the same time, such as a hen party or a birthday group.

  • Better for your beauty brand

Using an iPad, tablet or even a smartphone, allows you to create multiple forms, branded with your logo and company colours, so you can keep your brand at the front of your client’s mind while you gain consent.  

Plus, by switching to electronic spa beauty consent forms, you can ensure your spa is ship shape with a digital filing system. It saves time, money and is eco-friendly because it cuts out endless printing and paper waste.  All in all, better for your brand. 

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of iPEGS electronic spa beauty consent forms to see how they can help you manage client data, improve your brand and increase your efficiency, sign-up TODAY for a FREE account where you can access 5 beauty consent forms to try out.