Is your spa still relying on old-fashioned paper-based client consultation forms? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to refresh and re-invigorate your consultation process. From waxing consultation forms to facial consultation forms, there’s now a better, more efficient way to create a better first impression and take your client experience to the next level by simply switching to electronic consultation forms

A more relaxing spa experience

Your client has booked a spa appointment. The last thing they want to do is spend their relaxation time filling out a paper form. 

Electronic intake forms eliminate the initial tedium of paper form filling, allowing you to get started on your client’s treatment faster and more efficiently – and providing a more professional experience. You can even email the form to your client pre-treatment.

Electronic forms look more professional

Forget handing a photocopied form and a blotchy biro to your client. Hand them a tablet or iPad instead. It will help to inspire confidence, sending the sub conscious message that your spa is cutting edge and modern, which can ultimately result in repeat custom and more referrals. 

Electronic forms also include mandatory fields, which will ensure your forms are filled out properly, so you don’t have to check that your client has filled out all the necessary fields.  Electronic forms can’t be submitted until all mandatory fields have been filled out.  

More efficiency and safety

Electronic consultation forms can be easily organised, filed and stored, saving precious time, effort and space in your spa. Better still, they allow you to say goodbye to frustrating filing forever. 

Electronic consultation forms also ensure your clients’ sensitive data is secure. Each form, stored on a remote and secure server, can be accessed remotely from any device. Going electronic is also the perfect time to ensure you’re up to date with the latest GDPR requirements, which is critical for all spas and salons.

It’s easy to switch to electronic

Switching to a paperless spa means less waste, more efficiency and security, a greener environment and an overall enhanced client experience. Plus, switching couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is sign-up for a FREE trial, try up to 5 electronic forms for free and if you like what you get (which we know you will!) we can help get your move from paperless to electronic as seamless as possible.