Each year, data protection laws require performing arts schools to gain the consent of parents to use images and videos of their children. 

From training videos and filming live performances to visiting press and media, consent must be gained before you can publicly use images of your students.  

Historically, performing arts schools and children’s drama clubs have used paper parental consent forms, but these are time-consuming for parents to fill in when they drop off their child and can easily be left uncompleted or get mislaid amongst all the other paperwork.  

iPEGS is helping performing arts schools and children’s drama clubs go paperless by using electronic consent forms that are easier to complete and more secure to store and access. 

Electronic forms perform better

Unlike paper forms, electronic photograph and data consent for drama schools can be tailored and easily amended and updated, ensuring clear communication between the performing arts school, parents and students. They allow schools to detail specific information about the activities concerned and provide clear reasons for requiring consent. 

Ensure complete information

Electronic forms provide mandatory fields, eliminating the risk of incomplete information, which can protect your drama school from unwanted legal proceedings, whilst eliminating time-consuming manual checking and sending consent forms back and forth between the school and parents. 

Prevent loss

Paper consent forms are risky and time-consuming. Students can forget permission slips and easily lose the precious paperwork, whereas electronic forms ensure the parent receives the consent form directly to their private email address or via a secure portal.  

Saves on printing and storage

Electronic photograph and data consent for performing art schools save on storage, helping to make those unsightly filing cabinets a thing of the past. It also saves time and money, eliminating the needs to print out your consent forms – they’re kinder to the environment too.

More professional

Electronic consent forms are far more professional than paper forms, enabling you to email them to your students’ parents or guardians. They can be filled out on any kind of device and give an altogether more professional image of your school. 

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of iPEGS’ electronic photograph and data consent forms for your performing arts school, why not sign-up for a free account and try before you buy? You’ll soon see how easy it is to switch from paper forms to electronic forms to gain parental consent.