RedLite switches to electronic forms to become more eco-friendly and better utilise customer data for marketing purposes. 

RedLite is an online beauty store, offering high-end beauty products to help with anti-ageing and damaging skin conditions. They are a family-run business that’s been established for eight years and has subsequently set up five other companies under the RedLite umbrella that offer beauty related services, including a laser and anti ageing clinic, as well as tattoos and body piercing.


  • The company was ordering 5000 paper forms at any one time which did not match their efforts to become more eco-friendly.
  • They were acquiring a lot of valuable customer data which RedLite couldn’t fully utilise for marketing purposes as staff didn’t have the time for data inputting.
  • If a problem ever arose with a client and they needed to locate a client’s consent form, it took a long time to sift through all the paperwork to find it.


  • RedLite can now utilise customer data to cross sell across all 5 businesses because electronic forms allow them to store data and use it for marketing purposes.
  • They can easily Airdrop the consent form to customers who want to complete the form on their own device.
  • RedLite can now operate more eco-friendly and can store their customer data securely.

The company uses iPEGS electronic forms mainly for their tattoo and body piercing studio. With consent forms being a priority for the business as part of their high-quality service offering, the company was ordering 5000 paper forms at any one time. In an attempt to become more eco-friendly and better utilise customer data for marketing purposes, the company switched to electronic forms.

“Ordering 5000 paper forms at once just seems like a waste. As a business, we are trying to become more eco-friendly, and switching to electronic forms just made complete business sense.”

RedLite previously had a limited marketing database which they weren’t exploiting to cross-sell across their other businesses. Switching to electronic forms has provided them with opportunities to export the data into their email marketing system (where they had given consent), so they can market to clients who were using their tattoo services to buy beauty products online via RedLite. The company now offers customers a RedLite birthday voucher to use online. Asa Baum, Operations Director of RedLite commented:

“Our customers like the fact that they get a free gift on their birthday. It makes them feel appreciated as a customer.” 

RedLite uses one electronic form which can be repurposed across all the different businesses.  The setup was very easy, they simply sent their current PDF to iPEGS who completed the electronic form on their behalf. Whilst doing so, RedLite streamlined a lot of the questions to make it easier for the client to complete, but also make it easy to ascertain whether it’s the treatment can even go ahead using a series of questions.

“If anyone ever had a problem or issue, it was getting harder and more time-consuming to sift through paperwork to find the client’s form.”

The tattoo studio has a mounted iPad in reception which clients can use to complete the tattoo consent form, and they can also Airdrop it to their clients’ devices easily for them to complete.

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