Paperless Customer Case Study:
Professional Eyes Studio


  • The repetitive nature of handling endless paperwork – clients had to fill in different forms for different treatments

  • Staying compliant with the new GDPR regulations

  • We needed a solution that was designed for a small business like ours that could help reduce paperwork and improve efficiency


  • Incorporating multiple forms into one which saves time and money for both us and the client

  • Clients feel more at ease that their confidential information is stored securely

  • Switching to online forms has allowed us to stay fully compliant with GDPR regulations

  • Clients see professional-looking forms which are easy to complete

Professional Eyes Studio provides the latest beauty treatments including Hybrid and Classic Eyelash Extensions, Nouveau LVL, Microdermabrasion and New dimension Non-Surgical Facials. Their decision to switch to online client consent forms was driven by handling too much paperwork and the repetitive nature of dealing with multiple forms for different treatments.

The various aesthetic treatments that Professional Eyes Studio offers meant that a client had to fill in numerous forms if they were having more than treatment. This was time-consuming for the client, as well as for the business having to process all the paperwork. The implementation of iPEGS online forms has meant that clients now only need to complete one form on their first visit which covers multiple treatments.

With new GDPR regulation, Professional Eyes Studio needed to review their data protection policies and iPEGS secure forms helped improve GDPR compliance. “I think our clients feel more secure and at ease using online forms; knowing that their confidential information isn’t just left on a piece of paper, it’s stored securely in the cloud.” says Elizabeth Hurrell, owner of the Salon.

iPEGS is a brilliant solution for a small business like ours. It’s scalable too as we grow. I have definitely saved both time and money switching to online forms.

Professional Eyes Studio wanted to give their clients a professional experience from start to finish. “By handing clients an iPad to complete the form on their visit has certainly helped us achieve this. It looks and feels more professional” comments Elizabeth.

“The set-up of the forms was handled very professionally by iPEGS. Adam helped us rectify any mistakes and held our hand throughout the process until we were happy with the overall layout.”

iPEGS has been a perfect solution for my business and I wouldn’t hesitate to any small business looking to reduce paperwork and save themselves lots of time and hassle.


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