Consultation Forms in Sports Therapy Massage Therapists can complete electronic consultation and consent forms with their clients at an appointment using an iPAD or tablet or send an electronic form like the one below to their client prior to an appointment.  Electronic Massage Consultation Form Martha from Cura Therapy who specialises in Injury Rehab contacted the iPEGS team and explained her problem: “I am currently renting a room in a Hair Salon, so as you can imagine there isn’t much space. I have to have a locked cupboard where I store the completed consultation forms and other related paperwork. The main problem is that I store a lot of the equipment I use on a daily basis in that same room, therefore the room is very crowded. The more clients I get, the more equipment I need for rehabilitation to meet my clients’ specific needs. There is not much I can do about the equipment as it is vital for exercise rehabilitation. When I was looking for ways to declutter my treatment room, I decided that going paperless was the way to go.” “Having digital forms will not only save me space but will also reduce my workload. As it is now, I have to take the completed consultation forms home first, scan them onto my usb and then transfer the copies onto an online portal where I keep all my client’s information and notes. I cannot do it at work as I have no room for a photocopier. This is taking a lot of my time and is interfering with my family life as well. At least if the forms are completed electronically and kept online it will save me a lot of time and hassle.” “Another problem I have is reading my clients’ handwriting as most of it is not legible at all. As most of the paperwork is done after the client has left, I end up struggling to make sense of what they have written. Therefore, digital forms will bring some much needed relief to this problem.” Martha was keen to use her iPad to complete the Consultation Form with her clients when they arrived for their appointment so she chose to use the iPEGS Direct product – mainly because of the ability to upload and image of the body and draw/highlight areas where the client was experiencing pain. The Electronic Consultation Form is accessed on the iPEGS App (on or offline) and captures the clients personal details:

Sports therapist Consultation Form

The client’s medical history, current medical conditions and medication are also captured and are essential to help Martha identify the most suitable treatment.

Medical History Form

One of the key features that Martha was keen on was the ability to upload a body chart image that she could then draw on, add text and highlight the areas of pain that the client is experiencing.

Sports therapy Body Chart

The client (and Sports Therapist) can sign the forms electronically along with the date and time. This is the final part of completing this important and essential part of the process prior to the treatment commencing.

Electronic Signature Consultation Form

These consultation forms not only protect the client from any potential risks to their health but they also protect the sports therapist and are essential for insurance purposes.

Once the form’s have been completed they are then submitted securely to the iPEGS Portal where they can be viewed or downloaded as PDF if and when required. No more risk of losing or misplacing these important forms and no more having to store them in a filing cabinet! With iPEGS you can quickly and easily create any type of form with the easy to use Form Builder and generate the Web Form or App Form in no time. Whether you are an experienced professional or are just starting out – it’s time you moved away from the inefficiencies of paper based forms and utilise the amazing technology we have available to us today. For more information about how to Go Paperless with iPEGS please contact us on