In this weeks iPEGS Going Paperless Article we are going to be looking at Electronic Consultation Forms for the beauty industry, why they are needed and how going paperless with these types of consent forms has a multitude of benefits for all involved. Consultation forms are required for a wide variety of services within the beauty industry including hair colouring, nails, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, skin treatments and tattooing to name a few. These forms are not only important for the beauty professional to establish the right treatment, product and/or service but it is also essential to obtain information in relation to the clients health including allergies, previous and current illnesses, medication and any other health information that may be relevant to the treatment. These consultation forms protect the client from any potential risks to their health and also protect the beauty professional and/or salon against any future legal issues.

Many of these consultation forms are still completed in the traditional pen and paper format and while this method works it can problematic and inefficient. Issues include:
    • Ensuring you have enough printed forms available
    • Difficult to read or even unreadable handwriting (we are writing less and typing more meaning handwriting is getting worse)
    • Missing or misplaced forms
    • Storing of the paper forms
So why use paper when we have so much technology available to us? iPEGS provide an easy to use, cost effective way of creating Paperless Consultation Forms that can can be accessed on ANY device, completed easily, signed electronically and submitted in a matter of minutes if not seconds. By making it as easy as possible for you and your clients to complete these forms, via a medium we are all used, removes the administration burden and enables you to focus on the treatment or service being provided.

Forms can be completed at the time of the appointment or they can be sent ahead of time avoiding delays on the day, meaning no wasted time and a more seamless experience for your customers. iPEGS Electronic Forms have a number of benefits including:
    • Forms available on ANY device (no more printing)
    • Electronic Signatures with date and time stamp for authenticity
    • Mandatory Fields ensuring the form is completed in full
    • Pick Lists and Tick Boxes for easy form filling
    • Add Photos to the form (before & after)
    • Safe & Secure
Once the form has been submitted securely to the iPEGS Web Portal you will receive an email notification where you can view or download the form and the client can also receive a copy of the form for their own records if required. No more risk of losing or misplacing these important forms and no more having to store them in a filing cabinet! With iPEGS you can quickly and easily create any type of form with the easy to use Form Builder and generate the Web Form or App Form in no time. Whether you are an experienced professional or are just starting out – isn’t it time you moved away from the inefficiencies of paper based forms and utilise the amazing technology we have available to us today. For more information about how to Go Paperless with iPEGS please click here.