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Digitally capture leads at events, using the iPEGS app

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Trade shows and exhibitions are a perfect environment to demonstrate and sell your product or service to a targeted audience. It is important that the opportunities that arise on this day from leads or connections are utilised positively. The iPEGS app is perfect for capturing data at events, providing you with a digital solution for your

The Property Management App

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The iPEGS app enables estate agents and property management companies the freedom to complete, sign and submit all paper based forms digitally using the iPEGS app on their iPAD or tablet. The app is also perfect for recording data relating to property visits including valuations and inventories. Numerous forms can also be sent to the

iPEGS Remote – Increased communication for Schools

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Primary and secondary schools are struggling to cope with the demand on their resources due to the increase of pupils. Information relating to this growth can be found in the Department of Education report here. On average, a secondary school has approximately 1,000 pupils. Various consent forms need to be completed and signed for by